After “doing” Bali and Java, IGT’s travel editor decided to island hop his way across the thousands of miles of Indonesia to its remote, furthest reaches, in search of a South Pacific paradise. We’re not sure if he’s coming back.

Dry Martini

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A good bar concept is a good bar concept, but here at IGT we are pretty wary of the line where attempts at style start to overwhelm the substance. Dry Martini eschews the secret speakeasy passwords and adopts something rather more important – damned good cocktails.

Whether you’re an American Navy man decades back in the war, a modern chap out with friends, or a Monégasque grandee out for the night, there’s nowhere quite like it on the French Riviera.

From conservative sipping with friends to an attempted six-hour booze-a-thon, IGT’s Wine Editor ponders the paucity of the on-train offerings in the drinking department, and dreams of constructing a cocktail bar of his very own.

IGT’s Food Editor laments the demise of the proper dining car, eschewing the stratospherically-priced few services which still offer the experience of days gone by, in favour of a well-chosen picnic.


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Some of the best meals are just stumbled across when exploring a new city. Setting up in Bologna’s Mercato delle Erbe once the market has closed for the day, BANCO 32 is no exception, with the freshest fish served in striking surroundings. Where can IGT find one in London?

Bologna is a city that loves food, in a region with so much to offer, in a country that’s a gastronomic dream. IGT couldn’t possibly visit, then, without seeing all the produce a little before it reaches the table – touring the markets is essential.

Matteo and Salvatore Aloe are among the leaders of Italy’s part in the global renaissance of one its own – pizza. Combining business experience with time in the kitchen at Noma, they’ve created something rather special in Bologna.

The Parmo

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IGT’s globetrotting Travel Editor has a culinary love a little closer to home – the late-night, cheese-covered, topping-loaded chicken behemoth proudly hailing from Teesside. It’s here. It’s the parmo.