Against a backdrop of high-end Hong Kong restaurants pushing novel luxury ingredients into their dishes, IGT looks for the traditional, done properly, dropping in at a rare old-school Cantonese restaurant.

All of us at IGT look forward to game season with glee, but the problem with so many of these fine birds is the quantity that gets left behind. This warming soup is the perfect solution for any aficionado in search of a full game fix.

Meditating on the trans-Atlantic life trajectory, moving from coast to coast before beating a retreat inland. And, because it’s IGT, booze, brisket and beignets all feature, naturally.

Spuntino is a New York speakeasy-cum-restaurant which IGT’s Food Editor suspects might be the personal pet favourite of Polpo Group boss Russell Norman. He investigates, and hopes that the love that’s gone into the “odd Polpo out” might point to the speedy return of Mishkin’s

Easy to make and very versatile in its potential for variations, this terrine is a firm favourite for starters, light meals, snacks and picnics – this recipe passed the Glyndebourne test over this summer.

The first exhibition hung at the National Gallery on the artist in a decade, Caravaggio is the subject of a show opening this week. Drawing especially from other domestic collections around the UK, and Ireland, the Gallery seeks to demonstrate the work of the master and those he influenced across the compass of his eighteen short active years.

Bluebird in Chelsea has had a revamp and a revving up. It hasn’t been without scepticism from the locals, regulars, and grandees, so naturally IGT’s biggest grandee had to be on the grid to get the measure of it.

Bentley’s has hit the hundred year mark this September. With some of the capital’s other older institutions either shaky, or indeed gone entirely, IGT visits the Swallow Street staple to see how she’s doing at her centenary.

By far the most ambitious in Phaidon’s cookbook-cum-bible series, attempting to cover a cuisine some two thousand plus years in the making, IGT’s food editor examines a study of the incredible depth and breadth of such a proud and diverse melting pot.

Bonnie Chung’s Miso Tasty, the UK’s first dedicated miso brand, has come up with a tome to explain, contextualise, and instruct on the use of the iconic umami paste. IGT investigates how far it goes beyond the simple soup we all know.