Proper Indian chai and the comfort of a colonial past. No wonder numerous Brits just decided to stay during the Raj all those years ago. But there’s still exploration to be had as well in parts of India less-travelled.

IGT’s food man spent so long wanting to get into the elusive Kitty Fisher’s that he began to doubt – could it possibly live up to the build-up? Checking in after a Galician bovine battle, he’s turned in the verdict.

Cooking a special meal for your loved one is IGT’s number one romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day – so we teamed up with “nose to tail” artists St. JOHN to bring you a recipe for an appropriate dish. After all, what’s more romantic than a (duck) heart?

IGT has called in the big guns – our co-founder – for the unenviable but essential task of declaring the pick of London’s pizza offerings. He’s off into witness protection – you should be off to one of these for dinner.

Corn on the cob is due a revival, according to our calculations. Playing with Food is here with a simple recipe for something a little more flavourful than the normal corn with butter arrangement.

Like most new restaurants, there is a policy of no reservations at El Pastor, and the queue can be mammoth. IGT’s Food Editor and Co-Founder happened upon a chance lull and some lucky seating, so had to see if the taco hype was justified. And drink a carafe of tequila.

IGT’s put together a list of which 2017 openings are exciting us the most – and the ones that you’ll probably want to book ASAP if you want to get in any time around opening.

At IGT, we know our readers and staff are well-versed in their classic cocktails. But in the name of Christmas, we’ve succumbed to something sweet, tart, unique, and acceptable only at this time of year. ‘Tis the season to get trolleyed.

IGT’s Wine Editor and resident American explores the high street options you need to put on your shopping list if you haven’t already sorted yourself some quality wine for the Christmas table this year.