At IGT, we know our readers and staff are well-versed in their classic cocktails. But in the name of Christmas, we’ve succumbed to something sweet, tart, unique, and acceptable only at this time of year. ‘Tis the season to get trolleyed.

IGT’s Wine Editor and resident American explores the high street options you need to put on your shopping list if you haven’t already sorted yourself some quality wine for the Christmas table this year.

Ice skating is well-established in several temporary festive locations in London these days. But with the actual session on the ice over rather quickly, it’s worth picking somewhere with a little more to offer besides the rink. IGT’s got the guide.

IGT’s Food Editor sat down at Lima with Virgilio Martinez of Central, South America’s number one restaurant, to talk Peru, influences, ecosystems, and new ventures.

The variety inherent in the gastronomic awakening of these isles needn’t be a rallying cry against the good old bulbous festive bird roast, argues IGT’s co-founder. In fact, it’s got potential for versatility that means the very opposite.

The Dia de Muertos skull and name referencing a chic bohemian district of Mexico City are the clues that Condesa is not a purely Spanish restaurant, although with plenty of nods to the proper Spanish way of doing tapas still evident, it could well be just the rejuvenation required.

Mac & Wild

Mac & Wild banner image

The term “Scottish restaurant” puts IGT’s correspondent on edge. It looks like Mac & Wild might have a solution to that suspicion, with what might be London’s best burger.

Italy is most probably the home of opera, with venues like La Scala pricking up ears regularly. The reality can sometimes leave one disenchanted, if tickled, but the promise of one of the world’s finest voices made IGT return.

After “doing” Bali and Java, IGT’s travel editor decided to island hop his way across the thousands of miles of Indonesia to its remote, furthest reaches, in search of a South Pacific paradise. We’re not sure if he’s coming back.

Dry Martini

Dry Martini banner image

A good bar concept is a good bar concept, but here at IGT we are pretty wary of the line where attempts at style start to overwhelm the substance. Dry Martini eschews the secret speakeasy passwords and adopts something rather more important – damned good cocktails.