The summer may be drawing to a close, but in Blighty we always draw it into September for a last hurrah. Join IGT in clinging on to our last burst of bright sunlight before the chill of winter with this quintessentially British berry dessert.

After bringing out his new book, Niklas Ekstedt has been at Carousel for a whistlestop residency. IGT’s Food Editor was there with the chef and his publishers for what proved a truly special meal – and now the plane tickets to Stockholm to experience the real thing are looking like a good investment.

It’s well-established that IGT’s Executive Editor and cocktail man doesn’t mess around when it comes to mashing corn, distilling, and leaving the result in a barrel so he can drink it. The guys at Shine are bringing Brits moonshine – whiskey without that final wait. A taste test was inevitable.

Niklas Ekstedt is about to start his residency at Carousel, and today published his first book in English, marking a move towards the UK. Familiar to some from Saturday Kitchen appearances, his back-to-basics food digs deep to Scandinavian cooking roots, striking out, away from the modern high-tech kitchen.

IGT’s Food editor sits on a judging panel for the London leg of a search for Europe’s best gelato – and there’s plenty more unintentional entertainment besides tasting the competition entries…

IGT rounds off the Thai fun with an essential recipe for a super satisfying soup. Fresh, succulent prawns in a whirlwind of different ingredients – master this one and your flavour-balancing skills will be kicked up a notch.

When you’re caught up in the routines of busy daily life, it’s easy to miss some of the most exciting attractions right on your doorstep. Needing to show visiting friends around, IGT’s man in Bangkok becomes a tourist in his home city.

IGT takes the gastronomic temperature of the Thai capital in the spring, from the sublime to the (fabulously) ridiculous, with Richard Spurr’s take on the Michelin-starred Nahm, as well as the food stalls of the back streets.

Everyone loves a burger, whether it’s gourmet or budget, big or small. But let’s make it clear – IGT’s preferred one is definitely the former on both counts. Double up and dig in.

IGT Wine Editor Marshall Allender strays from the cork to revisit some gruelling trials of everyone’s favourite boozy brunch beverage – and we’ve got the ultimate guide to ingredients thanks to our friends at FIX.