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Joss Bassett, Page 2

Glyndebourne has been a stalwart of British opera since its inception, not to mention an essential part of the summer seasons. IGT takes a look behind the scenes at the only purpose-built opera house(s) in the UK in the twentieth century.

With well-stocked supermarkets, online buying options, and the specialist chains hanging on in the high street, is there still room for the independent brick-and-mortar wine seller? IGT checks out an oenophilic gem in Parson’s Green.

Insects have been claimed in recent years as the potential solution to a neo-Malthusian food crisis. While this seems unlikely, the Nordic Food Lab has been investigating how bugs could become part of our diet nonetheless – and their work is chronicled here.

Every department store has at least one place for its weary customers to rest their aching bodies – an eatery of some kind or even just a coffee shop. But Fortnum & Mason isn’t just any department store, so, as you might expect, it has a rather more special offering.