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Marshall Allender

With spring and summery weather, rosé is very much on the wine list for Brits across the nation. IGT’s man about wine gives us his take on the history and what to drink.

IGT sat down to taste some of the offerings from Le Petit Ballon, a subscription wine company dreamt up by master sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc which has managed to break to the top of French market – and that’s no mean feat.

IGT’s Wine Editor and resident American explores the high street options you need to put on your shopping list if you haven’t already sorted yourself some quality wine for the Christmas table this year.

From conservative sipping with friends to an attempted six-hour booze-a-thon, IGT’s Wine Editor ponders the paucity of the on-train offerings in the drinking department, and dreams of constructing a cocktail bar of his very own.

IGT Wine Editor Marshall Allender strays from the cork to revisit some gruelling trials of everyone’s favourite boozy brunch beverage – and we’ve got the ultimate guide to ingredients thanks to our friends at FIX.

Prosecco no more. IGT’s wine editor has had enough of Italy’s floral fizz – except, perhaps, when there’s no limit to how much one may drink…

The premise is simple, and it’s swept the capital. Quality in dining, quantity in drinking, quite possibly in the morning. These are the essential bottomless boozy brunches.