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Playing with Food

Corn on the cob is due a revival, according to our calculations. Playing with Food is here with a simple recipe for something a little more flavourful than the normal corn with butter arrangement.

All of us at IGT look forward to game season with glee, but the problem with so many of these fine birds is the quantity that gets left behind. This warming soup is the perfect solution for any aficionado in search of a full game fix.

Easy to make and very versatile in its potential for variations, this terrine is a firm favourite for starters, light meals, snacks and picnics – this recipe passed the Glyndebourne test over this summer.

The summer may be drawing to a close, but in Blighty we always draw it into September for a last hurrah. Join IGT in clinging on to our last burst of bright sunlight before the chill of winter with this quintessentially British berry dessert.

Everyone loves a burger, whether it’s gourmet or budget, big or small. But let’s make it clear – IGT’s preferred one is definitely the former on both counts. Double up and dig in.

Pigeon can be quite the plentiful bird in the summer, and it’s quick to cook with a robust flavour that’s up to some bold pairings. Perfect for a speedy roast, or if you fancy game.

It’s an essential favourite for the summer months, but don’t give in to the temptation of pre-prepared bags and bottles – it’s not only easy, but tastes so much better.