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Thomas Kingston

Having piqued his interest with a Hong Kong Beer on a previous visit, IGT’s Travel Editor couldn’t let another stop in HK pass without some further investigation, so spent an afternoon at the craft brewery responsible.

After “doing” Bali and Java, IGT’s travel editor decided to island hop his way across the thousands of miles of Indonesia to its remote, furthest reaches, in search of a South Pacific paradise. We’re not sure if he’s coming back.

The Parmo

The Parmo banner image

IGT’s globetrotting Travel Editor has a culinary love a little closer to home – the late-night, cheese-covered, topping-loaded chicken behemoth proudly hailing from Teesside. It’s here. It’s the parmo.

IGT’s intrepid Travel Editor has travelled over a hundred thousand miles in the last year or so, and has been touring Asia in the rainy season. He’s decided that there’s more to rain that we might appreciate in Blighty.