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Originally my short-sightedness had planned on knocking this article together about an hour or so later than anticipated. This would have been …

Claude Bosi has always been at the forefront of modern French fine dining, and has claimed the rightful two Michelin stars at two incarnations of Hibiscus. But Bibendum is something new – Claude in a fitting environment for his cuisine.

For IGT’s top dog and lunchtime fine dining aficionado, afternoon tea has always been that most British of institutions which has just got in the way between lunch and dinner. Dry Martini’s Mar-Tea-Ni may well have just changed his mind.

It’s hard not to come over a little poetic when it comes to asparagus. IGT has already picked up theirs – and we’ll even share the perfect recipe for when you regain your composure.

Hot on the heels of IGT stirring up the debate over London’s best pizza, another contender has entered the ring – straight Naples to Kilburn, Quartieri looks to be shaking things up all over again.

Galvin at Windows is the closest you can getting to fine dining outside in beautiful spring weather without, well, being outside. And, seeking a location to take in inspiring views and Joo Won’s South Korean influences on French cuisine, it’s a natural choice.

After the ruling was handed down on IGT’s top pizza in London, there’s been a buzz of furious discussion – and a challenge. We were invited to a pizza masterclass to see if we could actually craft something worthy of those lofty ideals.

The new opening on Broadwick Street has raised concerns for the Ivy-sceptic, chain-averse Soho denizen. IGT sat down for dinner to see whether the venture can deliver

IGT has called in the big guns – our co-founder – for the unenviable but essential task of declaring the pick of London’s pizza offerings. He’s off into witness protection – you should be off to one of these for dinner.

Dry Martini

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A good bar concept is a good bar concept, but here at IGT we are pretty wary of the line where attempts at style start to overwhelm the substance. Dry Martini eschews the secret speakeasy passwords and adopts something rather more important – damned good cocktails.