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After the ruling was handed down on IGT’s top pizza in London, there’s been a buzz of furious discussion – and a challenge. We were invited to a pizza masterclass to see if we could actually craft something worthy of those lofty ideals.

The new opening on Broadwick Street has raised concerns for the Ivy-sceptic, chain-averse Soho denizen. IGT sat down for dinner to see whether the venture can deliver

IGT has called in the big guns – our co-founder – for the unenviable but essential task of declaring the pick of London’s pizza offerings. He’s off into witness protection – you should be off to one of these for dinner.

The variety inherent in the gastronomic awakening of these isles needn’t be a rallying cry against the good old bulbous festive bird roast, argues IGT’s co-founder. In fact, it’s got potential for versatility that means the very opposite.

Dry Martini

Dry Martini banner image

A good bar concept is a good bar concept, but here at IGT we are pretty wary of the line where attempts at style start to overwhelm the substance. Dry Martini eschews the secret speakeasy passwords and adopts something rather more important – damned good cocktails.

For those in the know, a clandestine cathedral of expertly crafted luscious libations and curious cocktails lies hidden away, keeping itself to …

Bluebird in Chelsea has had a revamp and a revving up. It hasn’t been without scepticism from the locals, regulars, and grandees, so naturally IGT’s biggest grandee had to be on the grid to get the measure of it.

IGT rounds off the Thai fun with an essential recipe for a super satisfying soup. Fresh, succulent prawns in a whirlwind of different ingredients – master this one and your flavour-balancing skills will be kicked up a notch.