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The British Summer Season offers a selection of the oldest, most prestigious, and simply best examples of sport, music, art, and more. IGT rounds up the essentials on the best of the best.

Glyndebourne has been a stalwart of British opera since its inception, not to mention an essential part of the summer seasons. IGT takes a look behind the scenes at the only purpose-built opera house(s) in the UK in the twentieth century.

IGT found the secret entrance to Silvio’s raunchy party on the opening night of Bunga Bunga’s new burlesque show, at their fresh Covent Garden venue. Leave your hang-ups at the door, and prepare for sin.

In the first of two parts, IGT speaks to the master tailors of Savile Row to learn the intricacies of the bespoke process, from detailed measurements and patterns, to the “magic” that turns it all into a truly special garment.

London’s grottiest little venues can prove fertile ground for discovering the best new talent – talent which has found its place in Hollywood soundtracks, and just might be headlining arenas before very long.

Tony Moore, founder of the legendary Kashmir Klub, has started a brand new monthly event, curating the best new musical talent in an intimate venue with great sound. Oh, and it’s free.

Ice skating is well-established in several temporary festive locations in London these days. But with the actual session on the ice over rather quickly, it’s worth picking somewhere with a little more to offer besides the rink. IGT’s got the guide.