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Reflections on the finger-lickin’, life-shortening Louisiana diet, by a man who found himself needing a lot of sandwich, in not a lot of time.

It’s hard not to come over a little poetic when it comes to asparagus. IGT has already picked up theirs – and we’ll even share the perfect recipe for when you regain your composure.

Cooking a special meal for your loved one is IGT’s number one romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day – so we teamed up with “nose to tail” artists St. JOHN to bring you a recipe for an appropriate dish. After all, what’s more romantic than a (duck) heart?

Corn on the cob is due a revival, according to our calculations. Playing with Food is here with a simple recipe for something a little more flavourful than the normal corn with butter arrangement.

Easy to make and very versatile in its potential for variations, this terrine is a firm favourite for starters, light meals, snacks and picnics – this recipe passed the Glyndebourne test over this summer.

The summer may be drawing to a close, but in Blighty we always draw it into September for a last hurrah. Join IGT in clinging on to our last burst of bright sunlight before the chill of winter with this quintessentially British berry dessert.

Niklas Ekstedt is about to start his residency at Carousel, and today published his first book in English, marking a move towards the UK. Familiar to some from Saturday Kitchen appearances, his back-to-basics food digs deep to Scandinavian cooking roots, striking out, away from the modern high-tech kitchen.