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IGT rounds off the Thai fun with an essential recipe for a super satisfying soup. Fresh, succulent prawns in a whirlwind of different ingredients – master this one and your flavour-balancing skills will be kicked up a notch.

Everyone loves a burger, whether it’s gourmet or budget, big or small. But let’s make it clear – IGT’s preferred one is definitely the former on both counts. Double up and dig in.

Pigeon can be quite the plentiful bird in the summer, and it’s quick to cook with a robust flavour that’s up to some bold pairings. Perfect for a speedy roast, or if you fancy game.

It’s an essential favourite for the summer months, but don’t give in to the temptation of pre-prepared bags and bottles – it’s not only easy, but tastes so much better.

Ideal for a luxurious brunch or snack, this truffle-infused slice of heaven takes only twenty minutes from start to finish – no excuse, then, not to indulge straight away.