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Reflections on the finger-lickin’, life-shortening Louisiana diet, by a man who found himself needing a lot of sandwich, in not a lot of time.

Paris is the crucible in which the modern restaurant was formed, but tradition has possibly held on just a little too long, stifling innovation. Enter the “hole in the wall” restaurants like yam’Tcha, reinvigorating the culinary home.

We reckon Colombia’s in contention for being the next hot foodie destination, not to mention the stunning heritage from the Golden Age of piracy and privateering. IGT investigates Cartagena and the capital.

Having piqued his interest with a Hong Kong Beer on a previous visit, IGT’s Travel Editor couldn’t let another stop in HK pass without some further investigation, so spent an afternoon at the craft brewery responsible.

Proper Indian chai and the comfort of a colonial past. No wonder numerous Brits just decided to stay during the Raj all those years ago. But there’s still exploration to be had as well in parts of India less-travelled.