Homeslice White City Now Open

Homeslice White City Now Open banner image

Homeslice has been one of our favourite pizza hangouts for years now. We’ve done the odd feature together too in the past – from interviews and features to entering into near-impossible eating challenges (namely taking down a twenty inch behemoth margherita in under five minutes). We’ve had it covered. They’ve been going strong now for five years and for us it’s flown by.


“We are celebrating our 5th Birthday by opening our 5th Homeslice in the legendary Television Centre at White City in West London. We hope to have created a space that feels Homeslice, whilst paying homage to this historical building and its architecture. White City is a unique part of London with an interesting history. We’re very happy to be part of this next phase.” The interiors will feature some unique finishes including; a terrazzo floor with brass inlay, a bespoke curved steel counter that reflects the famous ‘doughnut’ building at Television Centre and of course a wood fired oven.


As we expand our aim above all else is to maintain the culinary integrity and style of service that we already offer,” said Founders Ry Jessup, Mark Wogan and Alan Wogan. “We will continue to keep things simple with the menu, bringing White City our signature offering of 20” pizzas, beer and wine.”


The evolving Homeslice menu of fresh, seasonal 20” pizzas, available whole or by the slice, served to eat in or to go, balances classics such as Margherita and Salami, Rocket & Parmesan, with innovative combinations such as Lamb Shoulder, Savoy Cabbage & Sumac Yoghurt and Red Gem, Pancetta, Anchovy & Parmesan. Natural wines, frizzante prosecco on tap, locally sourced lager and a rotating selection of London craft beers.


In a London now flooded with quality San Marzano tomato sauce in every Borough imaginable and premium artisan pizzas still increasing in popularity; Homeslice continue to be a unique concept and remain at the upper crust of restaurants of their style. They’ve become a mainstay, and rightly so. Happy 5th Birthday, Homeslice. Here’s to the next five – and many more.

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