MeatUp Pops Up in Chelsea for Christmas

MeatUp Pops Up in Chelsea for Christmas banner image

For weeks now we’ve been inundated with this year’s high street festive foodie offerings. From the commercial, largely underwhelming sandwich behemoths which take the value of the entire budget deficit to develop from the likes of Pret and M&S, to the relatively more modern institutions of indulgence between two buns which have since become an intrinsic part of the gooey fabric of London gastronomy: the Christmas burger.

By now you’ll be au fait with seriously over-the-top offerings of stuffing-filled beauties (or beasts, depending on your point of view) from Byron, MEATliquor, Patty & Bun and all the usual suspects in the burger battle royale (with cheese). It’s largely the same affair every year without much room for manoeuvre.

At last it appears one institution has followed a star and seen the light in an attempt to break this mundane curve. MeatUp, the popular BBQ restaurant in Wandsworth, has followed said star and ended up in Chelsea to pop up for a near three week stint on the Fulham Road. Rather than pushing a single sandwich, the south of the river grilling impresarios, are well, leaving it up to you.

Each component has clearly been thought about very carefully by at least three wise men. The patties themselves are a secret blend of chuck, sirloin, bone marrow, rib-eye and even more juicy components of the sacred cow. To crown such perfectly-flamed burgers require equally regal and unorthodox toppings. There are over twenty offerings to create almost unlimited combinations including mac ‘n cheese, short-rib, seared foie gras, duck pastrami, lime & chilli prawns, myrrh and a Kinder Egg. Only joking, there’s no myrrh. For you budding Instagrammers out there, even the buns are extraordinary: with colourful deep red, beetroot infused bread, black charcoal or your standard milk bun for those of you who know how you like it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be MeatUp without some some killer cocktails to anoint your palate with. Make sure to opt for a tasting menu of the Charcoal Cobbler, the Beetini and the Brit75 to wash the main event down with. MeatUp’s pop up opens on Monday 4th December and runs until 22nd. I’m sure we’ll be going back again and again for a severely decadent Christmas stuffing. There’s even a signature seasonal burger too if the above isn’t enough to satisfy you… Which I severely doubt.


For bookings, email Tables are also available for walk-ins on a first come first served basis. Open from 5pm-11pm weekdays and midnight on weekends.


MeatUp’s Burger Kitchen

351 Fulham Rd



SW10 9TW