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At IGT, we know our readers and staff are well-versed in their classic cocktails. But in the name of Christmas, we’ve succumbed to something sweet, tart, unique, and acceptable only at this time of year. ‘Tis the season to get trolleyed.

I once got talking to an older South African woman on the bus back when I lived in Barnsley. Which seems odd …

Nestled deep in the heart of the fashionable district of Spinningfields, Manchester, housed in the newly built XYZ Building you’ll stumble upon …

IGT found the secret entrance to Silvio’s raunchy party on the opening night of Bunga Bunga’s new burlesque show, at their fresh Covent Garden venue. Leave your hang-ups at the door, and prepare for sin.

IGT’s drinks man has always sworn by the Old Fashioned as the ultimate tipple – but what makes it so, and what gives any cocktail its magic?

Every department store has at least one place for its weary customers to rest their aching bodies – an eatery of some kind or even just a coffee shop. But Fortnum & Mason isn’t just any department store, so, as you might expect, it has a rather more special offering.

A London exile and card-carrying carnivore finds Bristol’s answer to the “steak ‘n’ cocktails” concept. With so many successful examples in the capital, the world outside the M25 has a high standard to live up to.

The latest addition to Phaidon’s “Where…” series is a global guide to the finest cocktail watering holes – as chosen by the people behind the best cocktails, as well as a guide to the mixology culture in locations around the world.