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Great things come from surprising beginnings, and Fatman’s Aged Negroni is the proof. Tasmania’s native son and everyone’s favourite man about Quo …

After the ruling was handed down on IGT’s top pizza in London, there’s been a buzz of furious discussion – and a challenge. We were invited to a pizza masterclass to see if we could actually craft something worthy of those lofty ideals.

Italy is most probably the home of opera, with venues like La Scala pricking up ears regularly. The reality can sometimes leave one disenchanted, if tickled, but the promise of one of the world’s finest voices made IGT return.

Bologna is a city that loves food, in a region with so much to offer, in a country that’s a gastronomic dream. IGT couldn’t possibly visit, then, without seeing all the produce a little before it reaches the table – touring the markets is essential.

Matteo and Salvatore Aloe are among the leaders of Italy’s part in the global renaissance of one its own – pizza. Combining business experience with time in the kitchen at Noma, they’ve created something rather special in Bologna.

Milan is the perfect, unique yet truly Italian location for a quick city break. IGT gives you the guide to two days there, with the first right here.

So often overlooked, Mantua is something of a surprise, both as a city and as a food destination. The city itself is …