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For IGT’s top dog and lunchtime fine dining aficionado, afternoon tea has always been that most British of institutions which has just got in the way between lunch and dinner. Dry Martini’s Mar-Tea-Ni may well have just changed his mind.

IGT gets exclusive access to one of the chaps behind Archangel, a new gin from the heart of Norfolk, made with all hyper-local ingredients. What’s there to do but experiment to find the best way to make it into a G&T and a Martini?

Let the choirs of archangels, angels, seraphim and cherubim (and all the others) cry forth “Hallelujah!”, for it is once again white truffle season. Now served in your Martini.

IGT takes the gastronomic temperature of the Thai capital in the spring, from the sublime to the (fabulously) ridiculous, with Richard Spurr’s take on the Michelin-starred Nahm, as well as the food stalls of the back streets.

Whilst it has always been a staple on cocktail menus from high-end boutique bars to high street chain restaurants, the Manhattan has …