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The brilliant Jay Rayner wrote (years ago now) about the idiosyncrasies of Surrey in the Observer, and he couldn’t have been more …

Paris is the crucible in which the modern restaurant was formed, but tradition has possibly held on just a little too long, stifling innovation. Enter the “hole in the wall” restaurants like yam’Tcha, reinvigorating the culinary home.

Galvin at Windows is the closest you can getting to fine dining outside in beautiful spring weather without, well, being outside. And, seeking a location to take in inspiring views and Joo Won’s South Korean influences on French cuisine, it’s a natural choice.

Whether you’re an American Navy man decades back in the war, a modern chap out with friends, or a Monégasque grandee out for the night, there’s nowhere quite like it on the French Riviera.

Against a backdrop of high-end Hong Kong restaurants pushing novel luxury ingredients into their dishes, IGT looks for the traditional, done properly, dropping in at a rare old-school Cantonese restaurant.

Milan is the perfect, unique yet truly Italian location for a quick city break. IGT gives you the guide to two days there, with the first right here.

Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø have boldly forged a path into pairing beer and food, earning the first Michelin star for such a menu. The book’s out today, and we’ve read it.