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Paris is the crucible in which the modern restaurant was formed, but tradition has possibly held on just a little too long, stifling innovation. Enter the “hole in the wall” restaurants like yam’Tcha, reinvigorating the culinary home.

Peruvian pro-skater turned Michelin starred chef Virgilio Martinez took a strange route to gourmet cuisine. Now at South America’s number one restaurant, he constructs dishes from the incredible biodiversity of his home, with a multidisciplinary research team. Now that incredible work is here to enjoy in book form.

Niklas Ekstedt is about to start his residency at Carousel, and today published his first book in English, marking a move towards the UK. Familiar to some from Saturday Kitchen appearances, his back-to-basics food digs deep to Scandinavian cooking roots, striking out, away from the modern high-tech kitchen.

IGT takes the gastronomic temperature of the Thai capital in the spring, from the sublime to the (fabulously) ridiculous, with Richard Spurr’s take on the Michelin-starred Nahm, as well as the food stalls of the back streets.

Milan is the perfect, unique yet truly Italian location for a quick city break. IGT gives you the guide to two days there, with the first right here.

Theo Randall at the InterContinental offers top-notch Italian cooking with the best ingredients. With the Michelin success of The River Cafe to follow, IGT investigates if the restaurant can truly deliver on the same level.

Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø have boldly forged a path into pairing beer and food, earning the first Michelin star for such a menu. The book’s out today, and we’ve read it.