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Insects have been claimed in recent years as the potential solution to a neo-Malthusian food crisis. While this seems unlikely, the Nordic Food Lab has been investigating how bugs could become part of our diet nonetheless – and their work is chronicled here.

The latest addition to Phaidon’s “Where…” series is a global guide to the finest cocktail watering holes – as chosen by the people behind the best cocktails, as well as a guide to the mixology culture in locations around the world.

Peruvian pro-skater turned Michelin starred chef Virgilio Martinez took a strange route to gourmet cuisine. Now at South America’s number one restaurant, he constructs dishes from the incredible biodiversity of his home, with a multidisciplinary research team. Now that incredible work is here to enjoy in book form.

For those in the know, a clandestine cathedral of expertly crafted luscious libations and curious cocktails lies hidden away, keeping itself to …

By far the most ambitious in Phaidon’s cookbook-cum-bible series, attempting to cover a cuisine some two thousand plus years in the making, IGT’s food editor examines a study of the incredible depth and breadth of such a proud and diverse melting pot.

This collection from Berlin’s Studio Olafur Eliasson is rather more than a cookbook – just as the kitchen from which it came is more than just a kitchen, feeding minds as well as mouths.

Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø have boldly forged a path into pairing beer and food, earning the first Michelin star for such a menu. The book’s out today, and we’ve read it.