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IGT found the secret entrance to Silvio’s raunchy party on the opening night of Bunga Bunga’s new burlesque show, at their fresh Covent Garden venue. Leave your hang-ups at the door, and prepare for sin.

Hot on the heels of IGT stirring up the debate over London’s best pizza, another contender has entered the ring – straight Naples to Kilburn, Quartieri looks to be shaking things up all over again.

After the ruling was handed down on IGT’s top pizza in London, there’s been a buzz of furious discussion – and a challenge. We were invited to a pizza masterclass to see if we could actually craft something worthy of those lofty ideals.

IGT has called in the big guns – our co-founder – for the unenviable but essential task of declaring the pick of London’s pizza offerings. He’s off into witness protection – you should be off to one of these for dinner.

Matteo and Salvatore Aloe are among the leaders of Italy’s part in the global renaissance of one its own – pizza. Combining business experience with time in the kitchen at Noma, they’ve created something rather special in Bologna.

For a long time I have raved about Homeslice, the pizza restaurant that started as a street stall before setting up as …