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The Whiskey Sour is the jewel in the sour crown – and the obvious place to start as IGT’s cocktail czar venerates the essential cocktail genre.

IGT’s drinks man has always sworn by the Old Fashioned as the ultimate tipple – but what makes it so, and what gives any cocktail its magic?

Spuntino is a New York speakeasy-cum-restaurant which IGT’s Food Editor suspects might be the personal pet favourite of Polpo Group boss Russell Norman. He investigates, and hopes that the love that’s gone into the “odd Polpo out” might point to the speedy return of Mishkin’s

It’s well-established that IGT’s Executive Editor and cocktail man doesn’t mess around when it comes to mashing corn, distilling, and leaving the result in a barrel so he can drink it. The guys at Shine are bringing Brits moonshine – whiskey without that final wait. A taste test was inevitable.

That sound as the ice drops into the glass from just the right height; too high and it will chip and melt …