The Daddy of All Burgers

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Originally my short-sightedness had planned on knocking this article together about an hour or so later than anticipated. This would have been futile for a multitude of reasons. The main one being is the subject matter itself: after many years, the supermarket machine has entered into the gut-busting world of food challenges and my resulting food coma will likely put me down until the spring thaw.

Morrison’s have stepped into the ring with a heavyweight of a contender for Father’s Day. A behemoth of a burger, no less. This champ weighs in at a hefty one pound. Made and seasoned by the in-house butchers, this monstrosity tips the price scale at a very modest £3. That fact alone almost had me consider doubling-up, however I was immediately overly-concerned that I must stay on the path to being summer body ready (make sure my morning suit fits without bursting out of the seams)

So, to tackling the beast. I’m keeping things simple. It’s a scorcher of a week, so when it comes to sauces I’m knocking-up a simple sriracha mayo to assist in lubricating this beast down my oesophagus as possible. Black winter truffles are out of season so making a mayonnaise with that would simply be impossible. Adding pan-seared foie gras on top may be a bit on the cavalier side also.

Don’t for one second think I’ve held back on the cheese. Nothing but the best will suffice. The best of course being proper plastic American singles. As many as I dare. A pack of ten, sod it. Luckily, Morrisons have deployed the bakery to make sesame seed buns capable of containing this super-sized patty.

As I mentioned earlier that I’m extremely health conscious at the moment (aside the cheese) I’ll be gently frying in Yors rapeseed oil, which is also available at Morrison’s in regular and scorchio chilli format perfect for summer dining.

A burger this big requires a few minutes on each side then straight into the oven, in the pan for a couple of minutes to (hopefully) achieve the perfect medium, in addition to helping get some extra gooeyness from the premium cheese for the last minute or so of cooking.

The ‘Daddy of all Burgers’ is available all week at Morrison’s until after Father’s Day.